Park you Iron Horse here

Depending on where you are in the Chinese speaking world the word used to describe a bicycle can vary. While most of the words are self explanation this usage is a bit more special. Literally “Iron Horse” I originally thought this word came from Taiwanese, but I am told that it is in common use in other places in China too, and seen here at a 7-11 rest area in Taiwan:
Iron Horse Rest Area


鐵馬 (铁马)

Pinyin: tiě mǎ
English: Bicycle

休息站 (休息站)

Pinyin: xiū xí zhàn
English: rest area (station)

Other synonyms for bicycle include:


Pinyin: jiǎo tà chē


Pinyin: zì xíng chē


Pinyin: dān chē


Pinyin: yáng mǎ ér

Do you know of any words for bicycle that we’ve missed? Or are there any other interesting ways to describe things in Chinese? Let us know below:

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  1. Yeah, I originally thought it came from Taiwanese but it seems to be in use in China too. Even though I’ve seen this sign, I’ve still yet to hear anyone refer to a bicyle as an ‘iron horse’ verbally.

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