Tracking a delivery online in Chinese

Whether you’re doing business with Chinese companies or living in a Chinese speaking country, there’s no doubt that at some point you will have to track a delivery online. Even though most of the courier companies have English language websites it might not always be possible to view your tracking information in English (if you ordered in China), and there may always come a point when you need to discuss the delivery over the phone.

Using actual tracking information from the TNT website, here are the keywords you will need to know where you order currently is, and more importantly when it will arrive!

TNT Package Tracking

TNT Package Tracking

The order numbers in the following examples have been changed but other than that this is an actual copy of a tracking page.

TNT Header

TNT貨件見追蹤資料 (TNT货件见追踪资料)

Pinyin: TNT huò jiàn jiàn zhuī zōng zī liào

English: TNT package (貨件)tracking(追蹤) information(資料)

TNT Info

提單號碼( 提单号码)

Pinyin: tí dān hào mǎ

English: Bill of lading (提單) number(號碼)

客戶參考序號 (客户参考序号)

Pinyin: kè hù cān kǎo xù hào

English: customer (客戶) reference (參考) order number (序號)

Notes: 客戶 can also translated as “client”;

目的地 (目的地)

Pinyin: mù dì dì

English: destination

Notes: 目的 is a goal/a purpose/an end, so a literal translation of 目的地 would be “end location” or “target location”

取件日期 (取件日期)

Pinyin: qŭ jiàn rì qí

English: package pickup date

貨件狀態 (货件状态)

Pinyin: huò jiàn zhuàng tài

English: package (貨件)status (狀態)

TNT Delivery Status

說明 (说明)

Pinyin: shuō míng

English: explanation

參考 (参考)

Pinyin: cān kǎo

English: reference

送件日期 (送件日期)

Pinyin: sòng jiàn rì qí

English: delivery (送件)date (日期)

簽名 (签名)

Pinyin: qiān míng

English: signature

日期 (日期)

Pinyin: rì qí

English: date

時間 (时间)

Pinyin: shí jiān

English: time

地點 (地点)

Pinyin: dì diǎn

English: location

From the package status we can see that as of the 2nd of December it was sitting in Hong Kong waiting to be collected for the next leg of it’s journey to Kaohsiung.

We’re interested in knowing what type of real-world Chinese you want to learn about, let us know in the comments and we’ll focus on that in a future article.

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