To take over or acquire a company

Microsoft finally announced that it will be acquiring Nokia while on its path to becoming a devices and services company. There’s a couple of common words that you can use to describe acquiring a company, they are 收購 and 併購:


shōu gòu
to purchase, to acquire a company


bìng gòu
to acquire a company

Both of the words are basically the same, the former with more emphasis on the buying/taking and the latter on taking over/merging.

Here’s the headline from Engadget Chinese:

Microsoft將收購Nokia 設備與服務部門(Microsoft将收购Nokia 设备与服务部门)

Microsoft jiāng shōugòu Nokia shèbèi yǔ fúwù bùmén

Microsoft will acquire Nokia’s devices and services department

And a slightly different take from NowNews:


Wēiruǎn xuānbù 71.7 Yì měiyuán bìnggòu nuòjīyà yèwù hé zhuānlì

Microsoft announces it will acquire Nokia’s business and patents for US $71.7B

NowNews using the Chinese names for Microsoft and Nokia, 微軟(微软 wēiruǎn)and 諾基亞(诺基亚 nuòjīyà)respectively.