Almost Finished

This billboard stood out when I saw it because rather than announcing that the apartment building was ready to move in, it said “almost finished”. It seemed funny at first, though I suppose the idea behind the marketing is to give the impression that this long awaited apartment building is about to be unveiled.


Pinyin: jí jiāng
English: impending, almost, about to be


Pinyin: wán gōng
English: to finish (of work or project)

While you might not use 即將 in general conversation much, it’s still worth learning as you will see it in areas within the scope of daily use, such as the “coming soon” in a cinema:

Coming Soon 即將上映


Pinyin: Jíjiāng shàngyìng
English: coming soon (about to be released)

In more everyday conversation you would say something along the lines of 快完了(kuài wánle) to say that something was almost ready. 快 usually means “quick”, but here means “almost”.

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  1. You most certainly should teach ‘即将完成“ to all those involved with the “over-budget, and way behind schedule’ tram project !

    “爱丁堡的电车工程即将完成…哈!哈!哈! pull the other one!

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