Patting the Horse’s Ass – How to Call Someone a Kiss-Ass in Chinese

In English “kiss ass” is a great way to describe someone who likes to suck up to other people. In Chinese the equivalent phrase involves patting a horse’s ass, so while the Chinese version isn’t as disgusting it still involves ass, just with less kissing.


Pinyin: pāi mǎ pì
English: to kiss ass; to suck up

Here’s a couple of examples that show how to use this verb:

dàjiā dōu bù xǐhuan pāimǎpì de rén
No one likes people who kiss ass

tā hěn ài pāi tā lǎobǎn de mǎ pì
He really loves sucking up to his boss

In the example above the boss figure could be replaced by anyone, the structure being: 拍 (someone) 的马屁, for instance 拍他老师的马屁 “sucking up to his teacher”.

Here’s the noun, for when you straight up need to call someone an ass kisser.


Pinyin: mǎ pì jīng
English: a kiss ass, a suck up, a boot licker

nǐ zhēnshi gè mǎpìjīng
You’re a real kiss-ass

lǎobǎn de shēnbiān zǒng shì wéiràozhe mǎpìjīng
Bosses are always surrounded by boot lickers

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Image above by Taiwan’s 彎彎.