How to say “Organic” in Chinese

Well, this post starts the first of a new category at ChineseHacks that we’ve opted to call simply ‘Misc‘ and will contain all sorts of miscellaneous Mandarin usage.

The idea is behind the category is to quickly illustrate how a word is Mandarin is used. No long explanations, and most posts will be an image and a definition, possibly an example setence at most. This way you can dip in quickly, learn a new word, and be on your way! Anyway, on with the first post…

The following two images show the Mandarin Chinese ord for “organic” in use on shop signs:


Pinyin: yǒu jī
English: organic

Example of 有機(有机)usage from a shop sign

jiànkāng yǒujī shìchǎng
Healthy Organic Market

Another example of 有機(有机)usage from a shop sign

tiānrán yǒujī shípǐn
Natural Organic Food

4 responses to “How to say “Organic” in Chinese

  1. So how did 有机/有機 come to mean “organic”? The character 机 means machine, I usually think of it in relations to airplanes or airports. How does “have machine” come to mean “organic”?

  2. Not many Chinese people will know what 有机食品 is. I am wondering whether it is better to translate as 无公害食品 which means no pesticides and makes sense to Chinese people.

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