How to say “Police car” in Chinese and related words

Just as with English all of the police related words follow a common theme – they contain the word “police”, making them easy to remember.


Pinyin: jǐng chē
English: Police car

Taiwanese Police Car

Police cars 警車(警车 jǐng chē) outside a police station 警察局(jǐng chá jú ) in Taiwan. Note that 派出所(pài chū suǒ ) is used on the side of the car (see below).

Related Words


Pinyin: jǐng chá
English: Police officer


Pinyin: jǐng chá jú
English: Police station
Notes: Just like post office, police station uses 局 (jú)- the character that represents official departments or offices, often governmental.


Pinyin: pài chū suǒ
English: Police station
Notes: This is also commonly used in Taiwan for “police station” (it can be seen on the side of the police car in the above photo), and literally means “dispatch” 派出 “office” 所. 所(suǒ)is very similar to 局 in usage, and is used to represent a building or place, though not necessarily governmental.