Increased Quantity Not Increased Price

I love interesting play on words, slogans or taglines, and here’s one that I see on the bottles of water that I am forever buying here in Taiwan. As a result, it was some of the first Chinese I learned that was outside of the scope of the beginners’ chapters in my textbook. Though, as it turns out, this simple yet effective tagline has some very useful words, so I thought I’d share it with you:

Increased quantity not increased price


Pinyin: jiā liàng bù jiā jià
English: Increased quantity not increased price.
A proper translation into English might go something like “added value, not added cost”, but either way the English is by no means as catchy as the Chinese

I think it stands out so much because of the double “jia”, albeit of different tones, at the end. But why is it so useful? Simply because from the 4 characters used you can learn some very useful words, have a look:

Pinyin: jiā
English: to add, to increase

Pinyin: liàng
English: capacity, quantity – short for 容量(róng liàng)and not to be confused with the second tone 量 which means “to measure”: 測量(测量 cè liáng)

English: no, to negate


Pinyin: jià
English: price – short for 價格(价格 jià gé)

So there you have it. From this simple and catchy tagline you can learn quite a few useful words.

I’ll keep an eye for more things like this, as it feels like getting back to the roots of ChineseHacks, what we were about at the start. Obviously the difficult thing is dropping the “advertising guard” that we naturally put up when out and about to filter out the good from the bad, true from fake etc. But when learning a language the important thing is to absorb, so I’ll be more sponge-like from now on!