On Your Bike – Fun Chinese Slang

Here is a fun slang saying in Chinese that is the equivalent of the English saying ‘on your bike’, which means ‘get out of here’, or ‘no chance’.

On Your Bike
Don’t worry, the image is a crash test dummy from this Youtube video


Pinyin: qù zhuàng qiáng
English: no chance; get out of here; on your bike; no way; piss off

The literal translation of the phrase is ‘go and hit a wall’ as in ‘run into a wall’, and means something more like “you may as well go and run into the wall, because there’s no way that’s going to happen”. It also seems very similar to the American saying “go jump off a cliff” (American’s please correct me here if there is a better equivalent US English saying).

The usage of this saying could go something like this:

Person A: 借我$500塊(借我$500块 jiè wǒ $500 kuài)

Person B: 去撞牆,你還欠我$100塊(去撞墙,你还欠我$100块 qù zhuàng qiáng, nǐ hái qiàn wǒ $100 kuài)

The English translation being:

Person A: Lend me $500
Person B: No chance, you still owe me $100

substitute ‘no chance’ for the term of your choice: piss off; do one; whatever, etc.

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3 responses to “On Your Bike – Fun Chinese Slang

  1. The American slang phrase you write as “go jump off a cliff”, is actually “go jump in a lake.”

    Keep the slang coming. I’m engaged to a Taiwanese man and I want to keep him on his toes.

    The look on his face when he exclaims “who told you that?!” It’s priceless.

    Oh, and I also live in Taiwan and plan to remain here indefinitely. Thanks for helping folks like me defy cultural barriers and persevere in glorious, snarky triumph.


  2. don’t know if they’re american but here are some 1)go play in traffic 2)go f*** a land mine 3)jump off a bulding make haste 4)go catcha grenade 5)go to the kitchen get a banana and (well you know the rest)

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