Pizza off the back of a truck – Vocabulary

Today I saw this truck selling pizza from a wood fired oven and had to find an excuse to post the image, so here we have it, a list of a words that all mean pizza.

This truck turned up on the corner of the road near my flat in Taiwan, and within minutes there was a huge crowd around the truck. All the other vendors could do was look on as the pizza seller raked in a minimum of $150NT (£3UK/$5US) per sale. For the record the Pizza wasn’t half bad either 🙂

Pizza Truck

Regardless of which Chinese word is used to translate pizza, the word ‘pizza’ is seemingly understood everywhere and you might not even have a chance or need to say the Chinese. But for those times when you are reading a menu and want to find the pizza, here are the words you’ll see used:


Pinyin: pī sà
This is the word used by the vendor above, and seems to be one of the most common words for pizza, along with the second word below.


Pinyin: bǐ sà
This is the word used by both Dominos and Pizza Hut in Taiwan and China.


Pinyin: pī sà
This usage and the word below don’t seem to be in widespread use and could be regional usage.


Pinyin: pī sà

For completeness the words before pizza in the image above are 窯(窑 yáo) which is a kiln oven and 烤(烤 kǎo) which is to bake – “kiln oven baked”.

If you know of any other words for pizza, or have seen 批薩(批萨)and 匹薩(匹萨)is use somewhere the post in the comments below!

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  1. hey dave!
    I believe that NY Pizza in SinTian rd was using 批薩 as the chinese translation when they first opened up, and consequently this is the form that I have mostly used since when talking about pizza.
    The place has changed ownership since so i’m not sure whether this has also changed

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