Professional – Essential Chinese Vocabulary

The photo below is of a cobbler in Taiwan, taken from in front of a row of shops all repairing shoes by the roadside. The sign reads as follows:

Professional – shoes repaired, shoes polished, shoes dyed

專業 - 修理皮鞋,擦鞋,染鞋

专业 - 修理皮鞋,擦鞋,染鞋

zhuān yè xiū lǐ pí xié, cā xié, rǎn xié

Professional - Essential Chinese Vocabulary


Pinyin: zhuān yè
English: professional; specialised; a speciality;
To praise someone for being very professional at something you could say: 你很專業(你很专业 nǐ hěn zhuān yè); You’re very good with computers/You’re a specialist with computers: 你對電腦很專業(你对电脑很专业 nǐ duì diàn nǎo hěn zhuān yè)


Pinyin: zhuān jiā
English: a professional; an expert


Pinyin: xiū lǐ
English: to fix; to repair


Pinyin: pí xié
English: leather shoes


English: to wipe; to polish


Pinyin: rǎn
English: to dye

We’re making this into a series, so make sure to check back for more essential Chinese vocabulary and examples of real-world usage.