Roll – How to Tell Someone to ‘Get Lost’ in Chinese

Here’s a fun saying that you can learn to help you tell people to “leave you alone”, well, more like “get lost!”. You wouldn’t want to say it a friend, unless you were using it jokingly, but once you’ve learnt it you’ll no doubt start hearing people use it all the time.

Roll 給我滾


Pinyin: gŭn
English: to roll; go away/piss off/get lost


While you can just use the word 滾 on it’s own to tell people to go away. You can also use in a short sentence, like:

nǐ gěi wǒ gŭn!
Literally “roll away (for me)” / Get the hell out of here! / Get out of my sight / Piss off etc.

This introduces another interested usage in Chinese: 「給我」. Normally this would mean “give x to me”, though in the example it above it means “do x for me”, and in a demanding way. For instance:

gěi wǒ chī wán
Finish your food / eat it all

gōng kè gěi wǒ xiě wán
Finish (writing) your homework

Now go forth and tell people to “roll” for you!

If you know of any other fun sayings or interesting uses of words in Chinese then comment below and we’ll feature them in an upcoming post!


Here’s another example of 滾 in use in my favourite Taiwan-localised cartoon:

滾 - 大鼻與酷蒂

wǒ xīwàng nǐ gŭn de yuè yuǎn yuè hǎo
I wish you’d roll (get out of here) the further the better

And another example, care of Tortue, that uses 「給我」 as mentioned above:


  • 我看膩妳的臉,滾開啦!

  • Roll away from me… hahaha, this is hilarious. How do you pronounce that phrase, “你給我滾”? Since it’s four 3rd tones in a row, which words get changed to 2nd tones?

    • It’d be pronounced as ni3 gei2 wo2 gun3

  • I’ve heard of 滚开 before, but didn’t know you could use only 滚. Cool!

  • Cardin

    version girly: 走開啦~

  • I wonder if all Chinese gymnastics teachers come across as harsh, when they command their class: 你们给我滚!

  • Jennifer York

    愛你愛到熱滾滾, looking for this hokkien song, hilarious and giving me the goosebump at the same time.