Glasses nose pads – WTF is that called in Chinese?

Ever have no idea how to translate something random into Chinese and you just can’t find the exact thing in your dictionary? That’s where this series of posts hopes to come in handy – for all those things that make you say “WTF is that called in Chinese?”.

You know those little pads on eye glasses that rest on your nose, in English you might say glasses nose pads or nose rest, well in Chinese it’s actually pretty similar:


Bí diàn
nose pads

Make sure you get the tones right on this one. If you screw up the tone of 鼻 it might sound like you are saying 筆電(笔电 bǐ diàn) which is the term used for notebook/laptop in Taiwan. 墊(垫 diàn)is a great character to learn and can be used for all things like mats or pads, a good example is 杯墊(杯垫 bēi diàn) for a drinks coaster.