Overwatch Animated Shorts in Chinese (and other languages)

Recently I re-watched Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away for the first time in ages and was reminded about how much I used to enjoy learning Mandarin through watching animation.

It just so happens that over the past few weeks Blizzard have been releasing some really high quality animated shorts in order to hype up their latest game Overwatch.

Even if you aren’t a fan of gaming, or are desperately waiting until you finish work to get home and play Overwatch, it’s hard to not enjoy these vids.

Luckily a hero by the name of juskf has compiled a list of the currently available episodes in a variety of languages over on Reddit.

So far I’ve only checked out the English, Mandarin and German ones but the quality seems to be really high.

I’d love to find transcriptions of the dialogues, if any one comes across them please let us know in comments.