Watch an ad for The Legend of Zelda cartoon in Mandarin

I stumbled across this awesome piece of 90s nostalgia while watching a VHS of the Super Mario Bros Super Show. Yes, I did say a VHS, and yes I know in my Laser Disc post I also said “I doubt anyone could sit through a whole movie recorded on a VHS tape.“. I still believe that – but recently I found a Taiwanese Mandarin-dub of the 90s Super Mario Bros Super Show cartoon.

I’m really into 80s and 90s nostalgia, especially video game related stuff, and if it’s an obscure Mandarin dub then I’m completely sold. After I found the Mario Bros. cassette I actually went on another mission to find a VCR, but I’ll save that for another post.

While I was watching the tape this ad for the cringe-worthy 90s Zelda cartoon came on, and was also dubbed. Hopefully one day I’ll come across the VHS for it, but for now this ad will have to do.

The VHS had copy protection so the only way I could capture this was by pointing my camera at the screen and capturing the audio separately, but it was worth it.

The princess introduces us to the story of the tri-force 三角神力 Sānjiǎo shénlì:


Zhè shì yǒu fǎlì de zhìhuì jīnsānjiǎo, GānNài mówáng yǒngyǒu qízhōng de yīgè shénmì jīnsānjiǎo, ér tóngshí yǒngyǒu liǎng gè jīnsānjiǎo de rén jiāng kěyǐ yǒngjiǔ tǒngzhì zhè yīpiàn tǔdì.

This is the powerful magic golden triangle of wisdom, Ganon has one of the other mysterious triangles, and the person who has two golden triangles can control this land forever

你一定要幫助我,林克 Nǐ yīdìng yào bāngzhù wǒ, LínKè. “You must help me, Link” says the princess as she turns to Link. 為了妳,赴湯蹈火,在所不辭 Wèile nǐ, fùtāngdǎohuǒ, zàisuǒbùcíFor you, I won’t hesitate to go through fire and water” (I’ll do anything for you), replies Link.

Interestingly, Ganon (or Ganondorf) is referred to as 甘奈 GānNài. This is the first time I’ve heard this name in Chinese as Ganon is called 卡農多洛夫 Kǎ nóng duō luò fū or 蓋儂道夫 Gài nóng dào fū in the more modern games.