Adventure Time Mandarin Comics Now Available

Fans of Adventure Time who are in Taiwan will be happy to know that the cartoon, which is hugely popular here, has finally been released in comic form. The comics are available in Family Mart for $80NT each, as well as on and PChome. If you’re looking to buy the comics outside of Taiwan offers international shipping.

Adventure Time Comic introduction

After scanning through the first issue the Chinese should be suited to an intermediate student with minimal dictionary look-ups. Higher level beginners might also be okay. As this is a Taiwanese release naturally the comics are Traditional Chinese, but if you’re around intermediate level you should be comfortable dealing with certain differences between Simplified and Traditional.

Adventure Time example page 2

The Mandarin-dub DVDs of the series have yet to be released. Cartoon Network Taiwan seems to be leveraging the series for new subscribers to their cable channel as long as they can before releasing the DVDs.



If you’re in Taiwan what are you waiting for? Get your 老皮* round to 全家 and break a fresh $100 note on the first issue.

* If you’ve not seen the Mandarin dubs yet, 老皮 (lǎo pí) is Jake’s name in Mandarin.

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  1. Nice! I have been looking for some good cartoons in Chinese! Aside from 熊出没 here in mainland China, there isn’t much interesting original programming. Do you know of any other links to watch American shows with Chinese audio? Or better yet, do you know of a good torrenting site for downloading Chinese films and shows?

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