More Chinese LianHuanHua

A dozen Chinese illustrated novels from the 80s

I was back at the flea market last weekend so stopped by the guy selling the Lianhuanhua and picked out a dozen more that I liked the look of.

In the comments of the previous past, reader Nick Stember shared a post he had written on the history of Chinese Lianhuanhua. Nick also scanned and translated the whole Star Wars Lianhuanhua 幸苦了!, so definitely check that out, too.

There was no real method to my selection. I picked them based on cover illustration so they can be displayed.

Also – if you’re interested in buying some, and if enough people show interest, maybe I could go back and buy the lot. If you’re interested please post a comment below. I should add, though, as you can see from the pictures – they are not in perfect condition. Though I feel this adds to the authenticity.





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A Tin Tin comic
A Tin Tin comic
The illustrations inside where very good
The illustrations inside where very good



This illustration reminds me of a Ralph Steadman
This illustration reminds me of a Ralph Steadman

Remember, if you’d be interested in buying some please leave a comment!