Rashomon and other Chinese language graphic novels

Look what just arrived at Chinese Hacks HQ!

We just got a new package here at Chinese Hacks HQ. Well, by ‘HQ’ I mean the local 7-11 around the corner.

After writing the previous post about the Rashomon Effect I had Rashomon on the mind. So I was excited to come across a comic version on Taiwanese book website 博客來 (Books.com.tw).

They are standard (Asian) comic book size, with all illustrations in black and white. The illustrations are fairly high quality, especially for something which is meant for educational use – From what I gather these are designed for students who want to get an understanding of the story, without reading the novel.

The books were cheap at $126NT each, with an extra $20 shipping charge for picking up at a 7-11. 博客來 does have international shipping if you aren’t in Taiwan, but I don’t have any experience with it.

There’s a full set of comic books, including War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, and more.

I’ll have a more detailed review of these once I have read them. In the meantime, enjoy these images: