The Ancient Art of Tea

The perfect book for tea lovers and tea nerds

The Ancient Art of Tea – Wisdom from the Old Chinese Tea Masters
by Warren Peltier
Tuttle Publishing
Language: English
Hardcover, 2011, 160 pages, 15.2 x 1.5 x 15.2 cm (6 x 0.6 x 6 inches)

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Through the translation of ancient Chinese texts the author of The Ancient Art of Tea analyses all aspects of tea and tea drinking customs.


The book is split into six chapters, each covering one aspect of tea culture. From the origins of tea, to the process of making it – which water to use, the fire, boiling the water, and then the customs of drinking tea and the environment in which to drink it.

Each section goes into great detail about the ancient processes, exploring ideas translated from the texts of many different tea masters. No detail is spared in evaluating the best type of water for tea, the preparation of fire, and the various types of boiling water.



This is not a practical book about how to prepare tea in modern times, but a book about the development of tea culture. The book is aimed at people who love tea. Not only drinking tea, but the artful process of making it.



From the preface we learn that the author, Warren Peltier, spent three years travelling tea regions in China. After which, in his own words ‘I secluded myself in my forest home, living as a recluse… pondering and studying ancient tea knowledge’.

It’s clear this book is for hardcore tea lovers and tea nerds.



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