When Harry Met Sally Chinese Book Cover

I follow the books.com.tw Facebook feed as they always post the most creative book covers. Today the book cover for a new edition of the Traditional Chinese book of When Harry Met Sally caught my eye.

When Harry Met Sally

This is a great cover, I love the simplicity of it. The title, just like the English, is also simple, but includes some useful vocab we can learn from. Here’s the name in Chinese:

Dāng Hālì pèngshàng Shālì

First off, let’s look at the names of the characters, which are the phonetic equivalents:

哈利 (Hālì) is obviously Harry – If you’re a Harry Potter fan you’ve probably already seen this in 哈利波特 (Hālì Pōtè), then 莎莉(Shālì) is Sally.

當(当 dāng)in the title means ‘when’ in the sense of 當時(当时 dāngshí)’at that time’. 碰上 means to ‘meet’, or ‘come across’. 碰 means to touch or bump, so this literally means ‘bump into’.

There you have it. A simple title, but with some very useful vocabulary.

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