Chinese Character Challenge

Battle Chinese Characters – One Goblin at a Time

Yay! – a blog post about learning Chinese characters that isn’t about Anki.

The other week I stumbled across this little gem from “The Traveling Programmer” a.k.a. Reddit user magictravelblog.

He has created a rather cute browser game to help fight the battle of revising characters. You simply use your keyboard “w-a-s-d” keys to direct your hero to the correct word and make sure you avoid the evil goblins.

It’s the 16-bit adventure the learning Chinese community has been waiting for!

On his reddit post the author explains some of the recent updates he has made to the game and we sincerely hope it continues to grow and mature.

Some things we’d love to see added:

  • a toggle-able retro soundtrack
  • a mobile/touch friendly version

If you have any further suggestions or wish to show your support, you can do so via the author’s blog, or check out the game directly.

One response to “Chinese Character Challenge

  1. What a great find!! I’m always searching for games for learning Mandarin… they are surprisingly difficult to come by.

    Another game you may have seen already is InFluent. It’s a 3D game set in a small apartment, and you go around clicking objects at your free will to hear/see the translation. You can add those objects to a list to be quizzed on, which is pretty useful for vocab building. Basically, it’s a really pretty 3D flashcard system.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing Chinese Character Challenge!

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