Mini Mandarin Christmas Cards

It’s Christmas in Taiwan again, which actually doesn’t mean much. The shops stock an abundance of Christmas decorations, but I can’t remember seeing any Taiwanese use them in their houses. Mostly it seems to be shops that put up trees, or English cram schools teaching Western culture. One thing it does mean, though, is Taiwanese Christmas cards!

I like to check the designs on Taiwanese cards as they are always interesting. Snowy villages and nativity scenes don’t cut it here, so card makers are more creative. This year mini cards seem to be in fashion as half of the display in 久乘久 was taken up by them. Here I’ve chosen a few cards that particularly stood out this year.


A Super Mario Santa Christmas card with a Lakitu’s Cloud shouting 聖誕快樂 (圣诞快乐 Shèngdàn kuàilè). The ‘World 12-25’ is a nice touch, but it looks like this card might from last year given the ‘2013’ candy canes!


Not one to be left out of a meme, here’s the Christmas Harlem shake 聖誕哈林搖 (圣诞哈林摇 Shèngdàn Hālín yáo).


If Santa is late delivering presents we’ll know it was because Rudolph was too busy checking Facebook:

每年這個時候 (每年这个时候 Měinián zhège shíhòu)
Every year at this time
Santa: 我們應該出門了吧 (我们应该出门了吧 Wǒmen yīnggāi chūménle ba)
We should be leaving
Rudolph: 等我回覆個FB再說 (等我回覆个FB再说 Děng wǒ huífù ge FB zàishuō)
Wait until I’ve replied to this Facebook post


Another Santa Vs Rudolph card:

Santa: 請愛的 (请爱的 Qǐng ài de) dear
Rudolph: 什麼事呀 (什么事呀 Shénme shì ya) What’s up?
Santa: 今天要上班喲 (今天要上班楼哟 Jīntiān yào shàngbān yō) We’ve got work today
Rudolph: Oh No!


Here’s an old classic everyone will remember – Christmas hamburger. You Know? From that movie? umm… no? This card must be aimed at Kids because it only shows the Zhuyin for 聖誕節快樂:ㄕㄥˋ ㄉㄢˋ ㄐ一ㄝˊ ㄎㄨㄞˋ ㄌㄜˋ


This next card was a bit more expensive than the others, but I had to get one because it’s actually a mini pop-up book.


In true Taiwan fashion Santa and Rudolph end up drunk at a KTV!

Santa: 可以一起玩耍 (Kěyǐ yīqǐ wánshuǎ) We can have fun together

If that’s not enough Taiwan Christmas cards for you, check out this post about Wacky Taiwanese Christmas Cards from a couple of years ago.

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