GTA Mod transforms New York into a Chinese City

I posted a screenshot of the PC game SWAT 4 to Facebook last week when I noticed there was a poster in the game with Chinese characters on it, but this takes it to the next level.

Games in Asia reports that a modder has created a new GTA mod that transforms the game’s New York city into a typical Chinese city:

The modder …has done a pretty thorough job, and the city now includes everything from family planning propaganda messages to that most ubiquitous Chinese urban establishment: the sex shop…anyone who’s lived in China will feel right at home looking at these screenshots.

GTA Mod Cinese City

The screenshots look great and the attention to detail is amazing, this must have taken ages to make. Unfortunately, it appears the modder hasn’t publicly released the mod yet. Hopefully if there is enough demand they will.

Head over to Games in Asia to read more.