Paper Mario Game Leaflet

I was just at my local gaming shop here in Taiwan and saw this Paper Mario leaflet. Since the Wii was released in Taiwan it’s become more common to see Chinese language localised gaming materials, but it’s still quite rare for console games – I remember being in Japan and there was dozens of these leaflets in the gaming shops. I picked up this Paper Mario one, and also a Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D booklet that I’ll post later.

The game series is 紙片瑪莉歐(纸片玛莉欧 Zhǐpiàn mǎ lì ōu)”Paper Mario”. 紙片 is a piece of paper, and 瑪莉歐 is the phonetic translation of Mario. The game’s name is 超級貼紙(超级贴纸 Chāojí tiēzhǐ)”Super Stickers”.

Here you go, download the large high-quality version and see how many Chinese characters you can read: