Pokemon Card Game Rules in Chinese

I bought a bunch of Game Gear games a few weeks back and at the bottom of the box, amidst the game manuals, were the instructions to the Pokemon card game.

The recent popularity in Pokemon Go seems like a good excuse to check out the vocab used in here. If a bunch of you are learning Chinese and playing Pokemon Go then maybe you can start using Chinese when you play.

Pokemon Rules side 01
Pokemon Rules side 01
Pokemon Rules side 01
Pokemon Rules side 01


Shénme shì shénqí bǎobèi?

What are Pokemon?

Under normal circumstances 寶貝 means ‘baby’, not an infant, but as in ‘hey baby, how’s it going?’, so Pokemon in Chinese is really ‘magical baby’. It’s not the best name, I think they should have worked 戰 into the name somewhere to emphasise the nature of the game.


Huānyíng lái dào shénqí bǎobèi de shìjiè! Shénqí bǎobèi shì yīqún shénqí de shēngwù, nǐ kěyǐ shōují bìngqiě xùnliàn tāmen, lái hàn duìshǒu de shénqí bǎobèi duìzhàn, yǐ zhèngmíng nǐ jiùshì shìjiè shàng zuì chūsè de shénqí bǎobèi jiàoliàn!

Welcome to the world of Pokemon. Pokemon are a group of special creatures. You can collect and train them to battle against your opponent, to prove you are the world’s most outstanding Pokemon trainer.

Possibly the most important words in Pokemon are 收集 shōují and 訓練 xùnliàn – collect and train. Which is what you spend most of your time doing in Pokemon, well, in addition to battling 對戰 duìzhàn with your opponent 對手 duìshǒu.

There’s far too much to go into here. Download the scans above and use them as self-study material – learning this vocab and how to play Pokemon in Chinese would make great language exchange material.

I also can’t recommend enough the Hanping Popup app for Android. It’s perfect for situations like this when you have text on printed material and want to view definitions without having to type out the words:

Viewing definition in Hanping Popup
Viewing definition in Hanping Popup

If you can’t tell your 皮卡丘 Píkǎqiū from your 胖丁 Pàngdīng head over to Ninchanese for a long list of Pokemon names in Chinese.

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