Taiwan’s Super A’Can Video Game Console

Until recently I thought that games consoles in Taiwan were all manufactured by foreign companies, or were cheap clones of exisiting systems. That was until I came across a forum post describing an obscure console that was produced in Taiwan during the end of the 16-bit era.

Super A'Can console and controller

Released in 1995, the Super A’Can was graphically equivalent to a Super Nintendo or Sega Megadrive, and was developed specifically for the Taiwanese market. The console was created by UMC 聯華電子 (lián huá diànzǐ) under the name Funtech 敦煌科技 (Dūnhuáng kējì), but due to the late entry to the market was unsuccessful and ultimately discontinued. I can’t find any information about how long it was on the market for, though UMC reportedly lost US$6M on the console.

Only 12 games were released, with many of them apparently clones of popular games from the time, for instance Boom Zoo looks like a Bomberman clone, The Son of Evil looks similar to Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda, and Sango Fighter looks and sounds a lot like Street Fighter 2.

10 Games That Defined the Funtech Super A’Can on Youtube:

Interestingly, Nintendo of America filed a lawsuit against UMC in 1992 for creating chips used in counterfeit Nintendo game cartridges, and that wasn’t the only conflict between Nintendo and Taiwan.

Emulation support is unfortunately lacking for the Super A’Can, and from what I can find is limited to only three games (BoomZoo, Super Dragonforce, Sonic Dragon.) in MESS – If you know any more please post a comment.

You can get your hands on an actual from ebay for around US$300, and a lot cheaper in Taiwan on Ruten for under US$100.

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Cover art for Sango Fighter from Sango Fighter – MobyGames