Easier said than done – No-nonsense Chinese Idioms

Hey guys, I’m back! This week’s idiom is a really useful one for describing things which may seem easier than they actually are, such as say, learning Chinese for example.

LOTR Idiom


Pinyin: tán hé róng yì
English: easier said than done

Now a geeky Lord of the Rings inspired example:


愛隆: “一定要摧毀至尊魔戒” (一定要摧毁至尊魔戒 yīdìng yào cuīhuǐ zhìzūn mójiè)
You: “Wooow, 等一下愛隆哥, 談何容易” (Wooow, 等一下爱隆哥, 谈何容易 děngyīxià àilóng gē , tánhéróngyì)

Elrond: “The Ring must be destroyed.”
You: “Wooow, hang on a minute brother Elrond, that’s easier said than done.”

*至尊 is pretty hardcore, so don’t really worry about it, it means something along the lines of ‘lord’ or ‘almighty’.

If you have an example of your own for this idiom then post it below in the comments and we’ll add it to this post.

3 responses to “Easier said than done – No-nonsense Chinese Idioms

  1. I prefer 知易行難 to this. It covers people who don’t brag or talk a lot. As well, it also has some more impersonal uses, like:


    I fear this is a problem easier to identify than fix, but it may be possible to design sensible bonus schemes.

    Many more examples are here:

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