The Desire of One’s Dreams – No-nonsense Chinese Idioms

If you want to talk about your “dream-something” then this is the idiom for you. Whether it be your dream-job, dream-girl/guy or that dream-epic staff of the monkeyballs, why not give this bad-boy a try next time you wish to discuss. Be careful of the dreaded 3rd to 2nd tone on the last two characters (I like to think of them as one giant third tone, by I guess that is a whole other post).

The desire of one's dreams - No-nonsense Chinese Idioms


Pinyin: mèng mèi yǐ qiú
English: the desire of one’s dreams

Example Usage

有一天你會得到夢寐以求的工作 (有一天你会得到梦寐以求的工作)
yǒu yī tiān nǐ huì dédào mèngmèiyǐqiú de gōngzuò
One day you’ll find your dream job

tā zhēn shì wǒ mèngmèiyǐqiú de
He’s my dream come true