To Have The Gift of the Gab – No-nonsense Chinese Idioms

This idiom is perfect for describing someone who has a way with words, just like Obi-Wan in the example below. Plus, scroll down to the end of the post for another idiom with a similar meaning.


Pinyin: Líng yá lì chǐ
English: To have the gift of the gab, to be silver tongued, to be persuasive, eloquent

These aren't the droids you are looking for

这些机器人,不是你在找的(這些機器人,不是你在找的 Zhèxiē jīqì rén, bùshì nǐ zài zhǎo de)
These aren’t the droids (robots) you’re looking for

天啊,它真伶牙俐齿(天啊,牠真伶牙俐齒 Tiān a, tā zhēn língyálìchǐ
Wow, he’s really persuasive!

Depending on how it’s used this idiom might be seen as a bit negative – while it does have the meaning of being eloquent, it also has ‘smart ass’ connotations. In cases when you want to be sure your meaning will be received as positive use this idiom instead:


Pinyin: Néng yán shàn dào
English: To be eloquent