To wolf down food – No-nonsense Chinese Idioms

In the movie Stand By Me, the character Lard Ass wolfs down pies in the pie eating contest so he can get revenge on the people who bullied him by spewing all over them. Chinese has a similar saying, but being Chinese naturally there’s also a tiger involved – in Chinese you don’t just wolf something down, you swallow it down like a wolf and tiger.


Pinyin: láng tūn hǔ yàn
English: to wolf down food, to gorge

Both 吞 and 咽 mean to ‘swallow’, you can 吞食(tūnshí)’swallow food’ and also 咽下去(yàn xiàqù)’swallow sth down’.


Chī màn yīdiǎn, zhèyàng lángtūnhǔyàn bùjiànkāng
Eat slower, it’s not healthy to wolf food down like that

Here’s the video of Lard Ass on Youtube (don’t watch if you’re eating!):