Power Cuts Across China – Mini Lesson

In keeping with the Chinese Hacks mantra about learning real-world Chinese we are resurrecting the ‘news hacks’ series. The aim is to learn a keywords for a specific topic while at the same time learning how the words are used by reading a short news bite. We’ll see how this goes for the next few weeks before revising the main sections of the site. If you have any feedback we are always open to suggestions!



Pinyin: yán hán
English: severe winter


Pinyin: dǎo zhì
English: cause, bring about


Pinyin: rán méi
English: coal


Pinyin: duǎn quē
English: a shortage


Pinyin: dì qū
English: region, area, district


Pinyin: bèi pò
English: to be forced/compelled


Pinyin: tíng diàn
English: power cut, power outage


Pinyin: xiàn diàn
English: brown out, power shortage

Sentence Structure

(reason 1) and (reason 2) cause (result)

This year’s severe winter weather conditions and transport chaos have caused a coal supply shortage

News Bite

Simplified Chinese:
严寒导致缺煤 中国许多地区停电限电: 今年冬季气候严寒和交通紊乱导致燃煤供应短缺,华北、华南和华中许多地区被迫停电或限电。

Traditional Chinese:
嚴寒導致缺煤 中國許多地區停電限電: 今年冬季氣候嚴寒和交通紊亂導致燃煤供應短缺,華北、華南和華中許多地區被迫停電或限電。

yán hán dǎo zhì quē méi zhōng guó xŭ duō dì qū tíng diàn xiàn diàn : jīn nián dōng jì qì hòu yán hán hé jiāo tōng wèn luàn dǎo zhì rán méi gōng yìng duǎn quē, huá běi, huá nán hé huá zhōng xŭ duō dì qū bèi pò tíng diàn huò xiàn diàn.

Severe winter weather leads to coal shortage. Numerous regions in China have experienced power cuts or brown outs: The severe winter weather this year, together with transport difficulties have led to a coal supply shortage. Many regions in northern, southern and central China have been forced to cut or limit power.

News Source

BBC Chinese – 严寒导致缺煤 中国许多地区停电限电

中国国家电网周一(12月20日)发布报告说,今年冬季极度寒冷的气温和大雪推高了对取暖用电的需求,而燃煤供应又因为大雪阻断交通无法保障。keep reading

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