Duable Introduces Chinese Reader Demo

Duable Chinese has recently released a demo of its reader feature. The startup, that promises to gauge your Chinese level and then present suitable texts, announced on it’s Tumblr blog late last month that the reader part of the service is now available to try out:

"The full-fledged Duable product is still a ways away, but we hope that this will give you a taste of what the Duable reading experience will be like"

Duable - Choose level

The reader provides a Chinese article tailored to three different levels of Chinese ability – easy, intermediate, and hard. Each level uses a different ratio of English and Chinese mix, from English with Chinese interspersed in the easy level, to complete Chinese in the hard level. The first article, of what is promised to be weekly releases, is Why Chinese is so Damn Hard, by David Moser. (As of writing it’s been two weeks since the initial release and we’ve yet to see a follow up).

It’s a shame that we didn’t get a peek at the part of the service that will determine a user’s Chinese level, since this really seemed to be the main angle that Duable was pushing last year.

Since our original post last year, Duable has moved from Taiwan to Singapore and received funding to continue their project.

In related news, ChineseLevel, a similar service, anounced last week that a major update is forthcoming.

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  1. This is pretty cool. If it ever gets more off the ground, I think it could assist a lot of people in finding materials that are suitable to their current level. I used to struggle to often to find appropriate articles that I could read.

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