Touchpal Keyboard Updated to Version 5 (Re-enable Your Chinese Inputs)

TouchPal, the free keyboard for Android (and now iOS and Windows 8) that we previously reviewed, has just been updated to version 5. The new version includes a major user interface update along with now supporting themes and toolbar plugins. While the toolbar plugins feature seems to just be a shortcut to Twitter at the moment, the general feel of the input is a lot smoother than the previous version on my Galaxy Nexus.

After updating we did notice that our Chinese Handwriting and Zhuyin inputs had been disabled, and we were required to re-install them again (I imagine the same is true for Pinyin, but since I don’t use it I can’t be completely sure).

To re-enable your Chinese input methods in TouchPal first open the app by clicking on the Touchpal Keyboard V5 icon in your phone’s app drawer, then select the Languages menu option. You’ll probably notice that your favourite inputs say “Click to uninstall the legacy one” next to them:

Touchpal Languages Menu

Uninstall each of the legacy input methods then reinstall them by selecting them from the list. A download will start in the background and then TouchPal will automatically install the IME after it finishes. The IME should automatically enable itself after installing, but if it doesn’t just go back into the Language options and make sure it has a check next to it:

TouchPal IMEs

We’ll have a more indepth look the new version soon, but in the meantime if you have any thoughts about the new version then leave a comment below.

Download TouchPal V5 from Google Play
Visit the Touchpal Website