There’s a Youtube channel called Stop a Douchebag that follows a group of Russian activists as they try to uphold the Russian traffic law. Any violators have their windscreen pasted with stickers reading something to the effect of “I don’t care about other people and drive where I like”.

I often wonder how such a movement would be received in Taiwan. If you’ve any experience with Taiwan (especially outside of Taipei) you’ll know people drive, ride and park wherever they like. The closer to the entrance of wherever you are going the better. Extra points awarded if you can get your scooter close enough that you can do whatever you need without having to dismount.

This idea of personal convenience above-all-else seems so common I was sure that the no one thought anything of it. Until I saw this notice stuck to the side of a car that had wedged itself between some scooter-designated parking spaces, also blocking an access ramp. I had a chuckle and snapped the photo – so there are other people who are annoyed by this behaviour. I highly doubt this is the start of “Stop a Douche Bag – Taiwan Edition”, however, but I can at least hope.


fāng biàn

convenience, convenient

Bùyào yīnwèi nǐ de fāngbiàn
Don’t because of your own convenience

zàochéng dàjiā de bùbiàn!
cause everyone else an inconvenience

I like the way they almost made a rhyme out of it, makes much more fun to read than “Don’t park your f’ing car here!”. 不便 is an abbreviated 不方便.