Get Three Coffins Ready

I made this image a while back for the Mandarin Poster Pop Sentence project. The sentence project isn’t online anymore so I’m sharing it here.

If you’re a Spaghetti Western fan you should recognise this scene from the beginning of A Fistful of Dollars. If you’ve not seen it then you’re missing out. Here’s the scene from this classic of the genre:

I don’t think Westerns are very popular in the Chinese speaking world, and unfortunately, in the translation to Chinese, it seems the spaghetti was dropped. According to Wikipedia it’s 義大利式西部片 (Yìdà lì shì xībù piàn), which means ‘Italian Style Western’, though I’m sure if you said 義大利麵西部片 (Yìdà lì miàn xībù piàn) to a fan of the genre they would know.