Star Fox 64 3D Taiwanese Promo

Do a barrel roll!

During the success of the Wii and the initial release of the 3DS, Nintendo released a number of Chinese language games in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Nintendo (任天堂 Rèntiāntáng) has since pulled out of Taiwan, but for a brief moment it was possible to walk into a game shop and buy an official Chinese language version of Super Mario (超級瑪利歐 Chāojí Mǎlìōu) and Zelda (薩爾達傳說 Sàěrdá chuánshuō)!

I’m in the process of collecting all of the Chinese language Nintendo 3DS games (there actually aren’t that many), and also any promotional material that I can find. Recently while at one of the local game shops here I found a Star Fox 64 3D (星際火狐64 Xīngjì huǒhú 64) promotional leaflet which had this great artwork on the back.

The characters’ names are all phonetic equivalents of the English of the versions. It’s always a bit disappointing when phonetic translations for names are used, instead of creating new names.

  • Fox McCloud 火狐·麥克勞德 (Huǒhú màikè láo dé)
  • Falco Lombardi 法爾科·蘭巴帝 (Fǎ ěr kē lán bā dì)
  • Peppy Hare 派比·海爾 (Pài bǐ hǎi’ěr)
  • Slippy Toad 史利比·陶德 (Shǐ lì bǐ·táo dé)

Of course not all of the vocab in the artwork is is useful for day-to-day use, unless you’re planning on piloting an Arwing (艾英 ài yīng) in a space battle, that is.

Download the high quality version and see how much you can understand.

For more info about Starfox in Chinese check out the official Nintendo Taiwan website or the Wikipedia articles.