Chinese Stroke Order Font for HSK 1 & 2

I was working on an update to the Simplified Chinese Radicals list we host over at MandarinPoster and really wanted to work the stroke orders into the characters somehow. Doing this in vector based graphics programs is a huge pain for such a large amount of characters and therefore I figured/hoped/prayed there was a font which would do this for me.

I knew such fonts existed for Japanese (those pesky Japanese learners always seem to be one step ahead!) but alas, I couldn’t find anything related to Chinese. The problem is when writing Japanese Kanji the stroke order quite often differs from how a Mandarin native speaker would write the character. The only acceptable font would have to be one that is specifically tailored to Chinese and not just Hanzi/Kanji.

On the Chinese Stack Exchange website (another great resource for us language learners) I noticed one user had commented saying he had started a project to create such a Chinese font.

The fruits of his labour can be seen at and the font is already available for download.

The creator says he is first focusing on working through the HSK levels, and thus far only levels 1 and 2 have been completed. Unfortunately not all of our simplified radicals are not included in this list, however I still felt it was worth sharing here on ChineseHacks. For any beginners to the language, using this font to make some flashcards would work really well.

It is a mammoth task, but if anyone wishes to contribute to the project please get in touch with the creator or leave a note in the comments.

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  1. Nice, there’s a lot of potential for fonts like these, with pinyin, tones, bopomofo, stroke order etc. Problem is they’re so laborious to create. I reckon it should be possible to automate the process using a shape-matching algorithm that spots strokes!

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