Free Mandarin Chinese Ebooks and Online Resources

A while back we posted about the great Speak Mandarin in 500 Words book that is provided free of charge by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. Well, has links to a whole series of different books and online resources for learning Mandarin. There’s resources about lifestyle, family, society, travel, leisure, shopping, business and more.

Some of the resources are PDF downloads, some are online books, and then others require flash to view. The best thing to do is have a search about the site and see what you can find that is suitable for your level of Chinese. Apologies to those learning Simplified Chinese as, because this is a Taiwanese resource, most of the content is only available in Traditional Chinese.

View the resources at HuayuWorld.

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  1. Thank you! Not as useful for me since I’m looking for simplified, but still a resource that I will use for the games and to get some exposure with traditional Chinese characters.

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