Free Pinyin-Zhuyin Mandarin Chinese Phonetics Cheat Sheet

The first few weeks or months of learning Chinese is inevitably spent studying a phonetic alphabet that will enable you to pronounce the new words you will be learning. This process isn’t easy and presents a barrier to entry to learning Chinese that can at first appear difficult to overcome. Though once a phonetic alphabet is mastered it provides you with a platform upon which to continue learning.

That’s why we’ve created this Pinyin/Zhuyin Cheat Sheet – to help you out during your time learning Mandarin Chinese phonetics.

Pinyin and Zhuyin Cheatsheet

The Cheat Sheet includes all of the Pinyin and Zhuyin initials and finals, and also includes examples of them in use, and best of all it’s completely free. Print this sheet out and use it as an aid during your time studying Mandarin Chinese phonetics, then use it as a reference during the beginner and intermediate stages of your studies.

Both Pinyin and Zhuyin are included – the former because it is widely studied throughout the world and China, and the latter as an interesting and arguably superior method for learning Mandarin Chinese pronunciation (have a look at our previous post on choosing Pinyin or Zhuyin for learning Mandarin)


ChineseHacks Pinyin/Zhuyin CheatSheet PDF

Pinyin/Zhuyin Cheat Sheet

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ChineseHacks Pinyin/Zhuyin Cheat Sheet JPG

Pinyin/Zhuyin Cheat Sheet

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This is version 0.1 of the ChineseHacks Pinyin/Zhuyin Cheat Sheet, so if you spot any errors, or have any feedback, then please let us know in the comments below.

9 responses to “Free Pinyin-Zhuyin Mandarin Chinese Phonetics Cheat Sheet

  1. Nice!
    Thanks for sharing this, I will widely spread it amongst my Taiwanese friend to show them Hanyu Pinyin is not harder than Zhuyin 🙂

    I like how they’re like “with Zhuyin the sound is more correct”… Well, look at the “-ong” sound which is “ㄩㄥ”… when you pronunce it, can you tell me where is the ㄩ sound, hm? 🙂

    Anyway, I think learning both systems is a good idea for all what you mention in your article “Pinyin or Zhuyin?”.

  2. I wonder why you have two kinds of “e.” I can understand that the zhuyin has two different symbols and thus makes a distinction between the two sounds. But aren’t they just the same in pinyin?

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  4. Two resources for you – how to pronounce asian names – it will teach you how to correctly pronounce some pinyin sounds….

    Also if you want to type pinyin in word with tone marks, I have a macro that you can download to type in pinyin…. really easy to use and has instructional videos…. -Click on the China section…

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