Hanping Cantonese Dictionary

If you’re learning Cantonese then this should come as good news – Hanping Chinese have released a new Cantonese dictionary app for Android devices.

The app uses Cantodict (the collaborative Cantonese dictionary), and from what I can tell it’s one of the first of the major Android Chinese dictionary apps to use this data. As you’d expect all the features from Hanping Chinese are available, such as audio pronunciation, starred words, word lists, Chinese handwriting recognition etc. Plus, if you already have Hanping Chinese Camera installed, then Cantonese becomes available as a language option in that app, too.

An interesting feature of Hanping Cantonese is that Simplified characters are available for all definitions, something that is not available on the CantoDict website. This makes it ideal if you’re coming from a background in Mandarin learned through Simplified characters.

Hanping Cantonese is available in the Google Play store.