Learn Chinese with 1Pod News for Android

1Pod News is a news reading application for Android that integrates Google Dictionary search, so when viewing news you can search Google Dictonary from inside the app.

1Pod News features a list of built in RSS news feeds to select from – you can enable and disable various feeds from the settings, although it doesn’t appear as though you can add your own feeds which would be a great feature for future versions.

After selecting a news feed, you can view a list of news articles for that feed and then click a news article to start reading. Within a news article all you have to do is click in a word, which will then appear in a popup you can click on to view the definition. If the word has more than one character, just click the first character then click the last and the app will grab all the words in between too.

When viewing a Traditional Chinese news feeds from Taiwan then the app displays the Zhuyin pronunciation along with the definition – although unfortunately it doesn’t display the Pinyin when searching for a simplified word, and only displays the definition in English.

With Text to Speech installed on your phone you can also listen to the pronunciation, and if you haven’t installed TTS that is available for free in the Market Place.

If you’re learning Traditional Chinese and Zhuyin this is an almost perfect app, but the lack of Pinyin in the Simplified Chinese news section might limit this to learners who are already at an advanced stage or are only interested in the meaning and not pronunciation of a word.

The idea behind this app is great, and if the developers can further enhance the features it could be a great language learning tool.

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