Pleco Chinese Dictionary Officially Released for Android

Those smug iPhone-owning Chinese-learning friends can wipe the smirk off their face – Pleco, the popular mobile Chinese Dictionary, has finally been officially released for Android, and it’s free.

Pleco Android Market

The free download is available either by searching in Android Market on your phone, visiting the Android market online and clicking the Install button, or by going to from your phone’s browser. Not only can you get Pleco right now, but if you download it before the 30th of June 2012 you’ll also get the Handwriting Recogniser plugin, which is usually $14.95, for free.

Major features include:

  • OCR
  • Great Dictionaries
  • Handwriting input
  • Flashcard System
  • Powerful Search
  • Cross-referencing
  • Audio Pronunciation
  • Stroke Order Diagrams
  • Document Reader
  • Taiwan- and Mainland-friendly

From what I can see, it comes with all the great features that you’ve seen on the iPhone version – including the Optical Character Recogniser (OCR) that was released for iPhone back in 2010.

We’ll have a more in-depth review after we’ve had time to play, but in the meantime what are you waiting for?

4 responses to “Pleco Chinese Dictionary Officially Released for Android

  1. As an iPhone user, this is great! More Pleco users on all platforms will allow for more dictionaries to be licensed by Pleco.

    In fact Android in general has been great for iPhone users; Apple will have to keep innovating if they want to charge a price premium. I’ll happily switch to Android if it improves further.

    Pleco will even allow me to migrate my iPhone license to Android; which is wonderful as it is another barrier gone to prevent me switching in the future. If only more companies did this!

  2. I heard about this app from iPhone friends a while back. Compare to Hanping dictionary app, this FREE app totally blow it away.

  3. This post and the comments are a bit dated, but it seems no less true now (Sept 2013) that Pleco is praised all around.

    But I’m confused. It’s “free” yet it’s NOT, that is, if you go to Pleco’s own web site. In fact, you pay up to $80US for the deluxe ed. Why? How much more do you get, or, the converse, what CRITICAL pieces are missing in the freebie?

    Thanks for any even mildly helpful response.

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