Skeptoid Podcast Now Available in Chinese

I learnt on the latest episode of Tech News Today that Skeptoid, the science related podcast, has started to release Chinese language versions of their episodes. Skeptoid says on their about page that they analyse topics such as consumer frauds, urban legends, alternative medicine and conspiracy theories. Each episode is also accompanied by a transcript, making them perfect for practicing your Chinese listening and reading skills.

The Chinese language versions aren’t released at the same time as the English, though, and instead appear to have been selected from the library of past episodes, some topics being:

Due to the varied topics covered, this should be a great source for new and interesting vocabulary.

It’s great to see more interest in releasing Chinese language podcasts, an area which hasn’t really seen the diversity of content that is available in English and other languages. If you know of any more such resources then make sure to post in the comments.

Find out more and download episodes at

2 responses to “Skeptoid Podcast Now Available in Chinese

  1. Skeptoid in Chinese with study aids is Really Good News, with capital letters.

    It’s bad enough that when you look on YouTube there are like nine thousand different videos all teaching 你好,but then you realise that a layer after layer of the other stuff is just more of the same. And what is your hobby? I don’t think I want to know anybody who places great weight on their goddam hobby, thank you very much.

    So the chance to learn Chinese that expresses actual sane human thought, well, this is a breakthrough event. Well, almost, anyway. 🙂

    Let’s just call it good news.



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