Convert Websites to Simplified or Traditional Chinese in Firefox

When learning Chinese, sooner or later you will come across “the other Chinese”. Depending on where you are learning, or your own choice, that could be Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese.

It’s no fun to spend a few years learning Chinese, only to run into difficulty trying to read a document that’s not written in the version of Chinese you have learnt. To learners of Simplified Chinese the traditional characters appear overly complex, while learners of Traditional Chinese view simplified characters as incomplete or lacking their original meaning. Either way, if you are serious about learning Chinese then you’ll have to learn the other version at some point – for the meantime, however,  there is another option:

New Tong Wen Tang (新同文堂), is a Firefox plugin that converts Traditional Chinese web pages into Simplified and vice-versa. After visiting the addon’s page and installing, restart Firefox then all you need to do is right click anywhere on a Chinese web page and select Tong Wen Wang > Web Page: To Simplified, to convert the text to simplified.

By the way, If you’re not using Firefox already, you should really give it a go. It’s a free web browser that is secure and has tons of addons available to expand it’s functionality.

Or if you’re a Google Chrome user there is a also a plugin available here, New Tong Wen Tang for Google Chrome.

5 responses to “Convert Websites to Simplified or Traditional Chinese in Firefox

  1. Hi Dave,

    This is nice, I wasn’t aware of 新同文王(now it seems to be 新同文堂) until now. First thing I did however was check to see if it’s also available for Chrome, which it is 🙂

    Firefox still wins hands down in the add-ons department, but I just can’t get used to the slowness after using Chrome (on windows).


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