PeraPera Finally Released for Google Chrome

We’re a couple of weeks late on this, but the PeraPera Chinese Pop-up Dictionary, which has been a Firefox favourite for a long time, has finally made its way to Google Chrome.

PeraPera released for Chrome

Here’s what the developers had to say:

Yes its only Chinese for now, and some features are missing, but let’s not dwell on whats missing. The main functionality is there and the new themes as well. Features will be added one by one until it is on par with the Firefox version. Install now and you will receive all those updates automatically as they are added.

What are you waiting for? Download PeraPera for Google Chrome and start reading Chinese online!

5 responses to “PeraPera Finally Released for Google Chrome

  1. Thanks for letting us know! Talking about this plugin, some people raise the problem that students simply stop reading the Chinese too quickly and just go for a quick translation with the plugin instead. What’s your take on this?

    I know that I did that in the beginning and that it wasn’t so good. However, the plugin is amazingly useful for at least two cases:

    1) When we actually want to understand rather than practise reading
    2) When we already understand 99% and simply want to save time and not use a proper dictionary

    1. Obviously that’s an issue, and I raised the same point back when OCR was announced for Pleco. Though if a person wants to make the choice not to only look at the definitions then that’s up to them, I’m sure they would know they aren’t really reading Chinese.

      I use it mostly for the second point you raised, as I find most of the time the CC-Cedict definition will suffice for me to get the gist of a word. And also to be able to, sort of, speed read texts – this plugin highlights the words as you hover over them, making it quick and easy to see words amongst the block of characters.

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  3. This might sound a bit like advertising, but people who want a tooltip dictionary for Chrome might be interested to know that we just released a Chrome version of the nciku tooltip dictionary. It works in a similar way to Perapera, but it gets the data from our online database so it’s also got audio clips and links to the entry for that word. It also includes our Chinese handwriting recognition tool.

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