Reading Chinese Should be 读able – Taiwanese Startup to Launch Soon

There’s a theme running though the Chinese learning community, and something we can totally get behind, that we’re sick of the boring text books and the lack of decent content to read and learn from. Luckily, this is one of the aspects of learning Chinese that 讀able “Duable” (读able if you’re in China) hopes to address.

Recent winners of the Startup Weekend Hsinchu in Taiwan, Duable says that their upcoming website will “analyse your Chinese level and link you to personalized articles that match your reading level.“. This is reminiscent of which launched earlier this year (now an open source research tool) and provides a similar service.

According to the Duable landing page, where you can sign up to be notified of the launch, the service will be live in 42 days (from today) making it the 21st or 22nd of November depending on your timezone.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Duable homepage that was posted to their Facebook page:

Duable Homepage

Looking at the screenshot I can’t help but be reminded of FluentFlix, hopefully Duable will become the FluentFlix of text-based learning materials.

You can be sure we’ll have a review of Duable as soon as possible.

Duable landing page and signup.
Duable on Facebook

5 responses to “Reading Chinese Should be 读able – Taiwanese Startup to Launch Soon

  1. The guy from ChineseLevel, Herman Schaaf, is actually back in South Africa. Going to meet up with him soon to chat. He has done quite a lot on ChineseLevel since. Will be interesting to see what duable does. Chinese text recommendation is not that easy as it seems.

  2. It’s great that a company wants to create more tailored Chinese reading materials, the more input we have the better. From what’s been released, I think we’re assuming that they will have simplified as well as traditional Chinese characters. They might just have fanti.

    There’s something about the name for the service that really gets my hackles up! Yes you can combine Pinyin/English and it does sound like do-able just it seems rather naff…. And from a branding perspective why create a new site where you can’t get the domain for it (as a creative branding company is

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