A Better Chinese Text to Speech Website from HC High Tech

It was only earlier this month that we we looked at the web based text to speech from HKTV.cc. Though, since HKTV.cc recently removed automatic reading functionality, this latest website is all the more welcome. Suggested by reader Liren Auston, HC High Tech provides free TTS right in your browser.

HC High Tech Text to Speech (TTS)

Today’s text to speech (TTS) offering is from HC High Tech, and while their website is very basic, the Chinese text to speech engine that they provide is actually very good. No instructions are required to use it, just paste your text into the textarea and click submit.

Web design aside (it’s not the best looking of sites) there are a couple of things that make this web based text to speech interesting. The first is that the pronunciation is very good for a web based service, the speech is very clear and understandable, especially if you follow along with the text. The second thing that stood out is the pronunciation of numbers. For instance, in the random text I tested from a recent Yahoo news article, “3000元” was pronounced “三千元” and “88.9%” pronounced “百分之八十八點久”, instead of the “三零零零元” and “八八 久” that you might expect.

There’s not much more that can be said, other than that this is a great free service and we hope you find a good use for it in your repertoire of Chinese learning tools. If you know of any more tools like this you know what to do!

Visit HC High Tech.

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