Character Pop – Chinese character decomposition and mnemonics website

A few weeks ago we built CharacterPop – a website for Chinese learners that “explodes” Chinese characters. Enter any Chinese character, Simplified or Traditional, and it’ll be split up into its constituent components and displayed in a tree-like structure that shows you just how the character is made up.

Electricity - Character PopUsing the data from our keywords database and a little inspiration from Confused Laowai’s website, HanziCraft, we (MandarinPoster) set out to create our own, slightly different, online character decomposition tool.

The main reason we created this service was to help you remember Chinese characters. Seeing the character broken down is a huge help with this, but we went a step further and added mnemonic stories. A mnemonic is a learning aid that helps you remember something, and by associating a story with a Chinese character will help you remember that character.

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You can see some of the stories our users have already written at and we definitely encourage others to write their own – the more creative the better. The site is driven by its users and if you would like to contribute just head over to and create an account.

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