Chinese Radicals Online Reference

Chinese radicals are an often overlooked aspect when learning Chinese, though they really can offer a greater insight into the meaning of Chinese characters. If you can spot Chinese radicals and know their meaning, then not only can it help you to remember characters but you can also have a good guess at the meaning of new characters. It’s for these reasons that we have created an online Chinese Radicals Reference at MandarinPoster.

Chinese Radicals Online Reference

The Chinese Radicals Reference was created with the aim of providing a reference that would contain the definitions of the radicals, the pronunciation in both Pinyin and Zhuyin, examples of characters that use each radical, and lastly example sentences that use those characters. This way you can naturally progress from the basic building blocks of Chinese up to full example sentences: Radical -> Character/Word -> Example sentence.

Using the radical 川(chuān) as an example the following images show a sample of the information you can see in the reference.

The radical, pronunciation, variants, English definition and notes:

chuān Radical

Examples of Chinese characters and words that use this radical:

Chinese radicals example words

Example sentences that use characters containing the radical:

Chinese radicals example sentences

Possibly the most important thing about the Chinese Radicals Reference is that if you spot a mistake, have an idea for a more appropriate example character, or want to add your own example sentence then you can leave a comment at the bottom of the entry.

A version of the Radicals Reference is also available for download as a poster (PDF). It’s called the “Radical Scroll’ because it’s 5 sheets of A4 paper and when taped together makes quite a long scroll-type poster, very cool and great to hang up and use as a reference during your studies.

We hope you enjoy using the Radicals Reference and if you have any feedback then please let us know! We made this for the Chinese learning community to use and we want to make it better and more useful.

Now what are you waiting for? Start learning more about Chinese radicals 🙂

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  1. Good effort but…
    The radical for “dog” is missing
    The order is not according to UNICODE 6.1
    Some of the translations are too unilateral or ambiguous.
    Maybe version 2 will correct some of these.
    Keep on the good job!

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