Chinese Text to Speech in Your Browser

Here’s a quick and simple way to hear the pronunciation of Chinese words – using the recently added Chinese text-to-speech functionality on you can enter Chinese text and then listen back to it, right in your browser. Chinese Text to Speech TTS

It’s not perfect – the characters are spoken individually (multiple character words aren’t spoken together), and when characters with multiple pronunciations are encountered the most common pronunciation is used, though it’s free and easy to use.

After entering your text simply hit the TTS button to display your text with accompanying Pinyin pronunciation, then hit the Play button to listen back. If you want to review specific characters then you can also hover over them individually.

All-in-all a useful tool, and being free it’s hard to complain – Plus HKTV also offer a load of other resources and tools for learning Chinese, so make sure to have a look around the site.

Find out more and use the TTS functionality at

Know of any other useful tools like this? Let us know in the comments!

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